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Tour of Nilgirs Day 8 Summing up!

Right after climbing the first 15 kilometers, the riders descended the 40 hairpin bends of the 12km breathtaking climb to head to their final destination – Pollachi. With no competitive segment and just 74 km to cruise, the riders displayed their skills until they reached the base of Aliyar dam. Plenty of them also halted at certain hairpins that open the sky as well as the view below. The venue served as the ideal spot for riders to click pictures before they get back to their normal lifestyle. From there onwards, it was a flat road towards the scenic Sakthi River Resort where the closing ceremony would be taking place.

With the speedy and technical downhill, it got difficult for us to keep up with the fast riders. Besides, getting pictures were also becoming a task. It was good to see the riders chatting, laughing and pedaling their way. From tomorrow things will change as they all will head to their respective cities and get back to their usual life. Clicking pictures and making the best out of their last day was all they were looking forward to. They halted wherever they wished. They filled their bellies with some amazing filter coffee and also tried out the Todi drink.


However, the scenic tour did not end this way. Many riders had insisted the organizers for a team time trial. As it was not a part of the competitive segment and did not contribute to the overall grand standings, quite a few riders formed a team of four. A 5 km stretch was marked as the competitive segment where a team of four would race against time. The rule also permitted one rider to be dropped on their way to the end point.IMG_1194
Very few riders teamed together with their friend to form a team. The goan’s got together to form the Goan express while the Bangaloreans and others formed their own teams. It was quite thrilling to watch Indian riders belonging to different age groups battling it out over a 5 kilometer stretch for nothing. Some managed to sync in well while the others just tagged along or were forced to drop out. As we took the last bend and headed to the resort, we too decided to keep our responsibilities away and enjoy some Todi.

We quickly got off the road and enjoyed some Todi along in a neatly handcrafted coconut leaf. The entire presentation added extra flavor and built a lot of excitement for first-timers. Once done enjoying the lovely drink, we rode to the resort and had a lovely lunch sitting by the side of the river( river name). after the tour of Nilgiri, riders were done jumping in the pool, many of them got together to enjoy their meal.

Following the meal, riders wrapped up their bikes and suited up for the closing ceremony. After the ceremony, many of the riders used the tour of Nilgiri transport and headed their way to the Metropolitan city – Bangalore. With a cool off party waiting at the night, plenty of riders were excited to have a good evening. Besides, the race results were also something that riders and, friend and family members were looking forwards too.

The Indian Terrain tour of Nilgiris


At the moment, the Indian Terrain Tour of Nilgiris riders are putting up a battle to tame the most dreaded climb in the ‘Southern Peninsula’ – the Khallatay.

Day three of the Indian Terrain tour of Nilgiris required the riders to cross the border of Karnataka to enter God’s own country- Kerala. To do so, they are required to pedal a respected 147 km passing through foggy weather, coffee fields and more. When the tour kicked off, it was quite cool with a low visibility of about 20 meters. After the riders were briefed about the hazardous bends and folds throughout their journey, day three finally flagged off.

As the riders cleated and rolled down the hotel, ‘Coorg- the Scotland of India’ looked quite calm and surreal. The less visibility, chilly winds, up and down terrain and the epic view of the tree tops covered in fog were quite unique to the ‘Southern Peninsula’.

After a certain period, the roads unwound into a constant uphill and downhill that offered a tranquilizing scenic view. This might appear to be fascinating, however, the riders had to worry about the formation of fog and water droplets on their glasses, helmets and even arms for that matter. As the riders rode lower down the climb, the fog started to fade and the sky got clearer.


On their way, riders could absorb the tranquilizing view of endless coffee plantations, tall slender betel nut trees. They could also see a number of barks of silver oak trees as well as coconut trees that assisted the growth of black pepper. The further they rode, the more they could relish the beauty of the South Indian Terrain tour of Nilgiris route had to offer.We were stunned as the rolling terrain brought us over a bridge that gave us a glimpse of the ancient Kaveri River. While the riders and the photographers were busy with their respective duties. Abhishek Tarfe had the freedom to walk around and take a better look.

The leader of the race ‘Nils’ had already departed with a handful of riders for the long journey. There were numerous others who rolled over the tarmac with ease, trying to save energy and not exert unnecessarily.

The fatigue and the constant uphill and downhill made the process of covering distance even longer. Riders also saw to it that, they stop at every time station to relax, refresh and move at a steady pace into the new city. This was required to keep their pistons in good conditions for the competitive section which would start after covering a distance of 120 km out of the total 147 km.

Moving forward towards support station three located between Tholpeti forest reserve, the coconut baugs, banana and paddy field did not stop at all. While the silver oaks and the Kalpavriksha tree offered shade and protection from the building heat. The paddy field exposed the riders to the intense heat, wind that reduced their speed drastically. As they rode further, the forest checkpoint (support station 3) the past back to back ascends, descends and several loops that made the ride a bit technical.

In no time, we crossed the border of Karnataka and entered into God’s own country. By the time we reached the center of the Tholpeti forest reserve, many riders were enjoying “Sulemani Chai” and the best “Unniyappams” that are known to be a favorite among cyclists for years. We decided to join them and have a go and experience them for ourselves. As food was arriving late, we had all the more reasons to try them and were quite delicious. Some of the riders even gave the usual lunch a break and lunched on the appetizing Unniyappams from at Kuttetan’s Unniyappam stall.

Mantra Surf Club aka (Surfing India)’s


Meet Aneesha Nayak. She’s another one of Mantra Surf Club’s talented team members and been doing very well in recent Indian surf competitions. She has a spunky little personality and rides a shortboard pretty well. She spent this last week here with us at the Ashram Surf Retreat and it was great sharing some waves with her. It’s been great to see more young female surfers like Aneesha emerging out of Karnataka, South India. She’ll definitely be inspiring other young Indian girls to surf in the years to come. Go Aneesha!