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Top Time in Kerala

By Michael McLean for BigRush


This trail is something else. It is long and has a steep descent of nearly 2000m that lasts 14kms. We discovered it around 10 years ago and have returned twice – the first time on 130mm hardtails and the second time on 160mm AM bikes. But it’s the trail that matters, not the vehicle.


Top Station is at the summit, often covered in clouds, and it starts gently. There are natural berms and a few rock features before it narrows to the size of a donkey path with the forest creeping in on all sides.
Then it becomes steeper and looser, featuring tight switchbacks that return to a strip-thin trail burrowing its way through the jungle. When the single track suddenly ends, you can sense something changing.


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Sri Lanka Girls Make Waves

By Dielle DSouza and Swaati Langeh for BigRush


It was a twist in the fabric, a change in the norm. In support of gender equality on Sri Lanka’s waves, Tiffany Carothers convinced an entire village of young girls to hit the beach at Arugam Bay. The American, who works with Surfing The Nations, has been working in Sri Lanka with her family for five years, building up trust with the locals.The attempt defied both the common gender-constricting role of Sri Lankan women as house-bound as well as the global stereotypical image of a bikini-clad surfer which does not sit well locally as a symbol of empowerment.

The Sri Lanka Girls Make Waves event also fought against the scars left by a 16-year national civil war as well as the aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami that nearly wiped it out. For many of the 15-20 girls who continue to show up in the follow up to the event, it was the first time some were even venturing into the sea and learning how to swim.

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The Sunshine Couloir Ski Attempt Part 2

By Ian Hamilton for BigRush


After the first failed attempt, we tried again, deciding on a different plan. This time, we’d sleep at the base of the mountain and skin up the following day.The bags were overloaded with tons of food. We find the cabin better than expected and quite spacious, so drop off the extra load and get on with it. The skin track from the previous day helps us gain elevation pretty quickly and we are motivated by the views of Sunshine Couloir.


We hit out target at 3pm, and it’s huge! Probably 250m vertical and wider than expected.

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The Sunshine Couloir Ski Attempt Part 1

By Ian Hamilton for BigRush

Sunshine Couloir is a steep strip of snow cutting through a 4,200m rocky peak in Gulmarg, Kashmir. We needed to go 1000m into the valley between Apharwat Ridge and Sunshine Peak, before skinning up 1000m through a snowfield crowned with a 200m boot pack up the guts of the couloir.Luke of Ski Patrol helped arrange a night at the top of the gondola and some advice that was boosted by Billa from Kashmir Heliski. After a night in the gondola station watching Bollywood movies, we awoke in time for the sunrise to head off to Sunshine Peak.


Only one steep gully line was available since the sun and lower elevations had diminished the snow. It was one of the most fun lines I’ve skied yet! It was not long before we skinned up a beautiful ridge line towards the huge snowfield lying below Sunshine Peak.

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Love for India’s DIY Skateboarding Culture

By Dielle DSouza for BigRush


A bus full of 48 skateboarders visited three DIY skate bowls on a three-stop tour of southern India on the second edition of the Vans Holy DeTour. Organised by global apparel brand Vans and local skateboarding company HolyStoked Collective, the tour touched Bangalore, Goa and Hampi.

There were participants from around India and the world, and these included professional and amateur skateboarders, artists, musicians, photographers and filmmakers. The skate bus even had portable ramps that were made full use of during the trip.

A little music, lots of fun and heaps of skateboarding made the trip one to remember.
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Wonder Girl on Wheels

By Dielle DSouza for BigRush


From her first tryst with the skateboard at six years, 22-year-old Atita Verghese has loved being out and about. There wasn’t much other than “pushing around and bombing down hills” on her Jonex until she came to Goa in 2012 to learn surfing.
Then when the waves ebbed on her return to Bangalore, she joined India’s first skate company Holystoked for an event and her skateboarding abilities and passion snowballed. She now continues to work with Holystoked, giving classes and participating in builds and demos.


Over the years, she has struggled against convention and negativity from society and is pushing forward for gender equality through skateboarding.
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