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10 years with Bums On The Saddle

By Dielle DSouza for BigRush


Bums On The Saddle (BOTS) began in 2006 when Rohan Kini and his best pal Nikhil Eldurkar decided they wanted to spread their joy of cycling. In a few years, the business grew to include three stores – one in Pune and two in Bangalore, a fast-spreading riding community and lots of rider events.Back when they began, the riding community in India was very nascent and most bicycle manufacturers and retailers simply sold products with the aim of making a sale. Through BOTS, Kini and Eldurkar changed the outlook and offered a more passionate rider purchase experience.

They host rides every week, service equipment and organise talks related to cycling. Their approach has helped many riders look at biking from a different perspective.

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Top 5 practice trails for MTB Shimla

By Ankush Arya and Dielle DSouza for BigRush


MTB Shimla is one of India’s most awaited races. With more than 100 participants from over 10 states and four countries geared up, it promises a thrilling off-road weekend with bikers bumping across 120kms over 3,000 metres in two stages.

There will be forests, grass and jeep tracks From Woodville Palace to Kanechi on the first day, and all the way back via another route, distracted by arresting views of the beautiful mountains all around. The race is being conducted by the Himalayan Adventure Sports and Tourism Promotion Association (HASPTA), and will see high profile athletes including two-time champion Shimla Devender Thakur, veteran Dutch rider Johan Bentick, Sarah Appelt, Anita Groser, and others.

If you’re planning to ride, here are a few practice trails to try out ahead of the race.

  1. Taradevi to Mehli
  2. Mashobra to Sipur to Bekhalti
  3. Shimla to Taradevi – Sadhupul and back
  4. Shimla to Kufri to Theog
  5. Shimla to Mashobara to Bekhalti

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MTB Shimla – Road to the top


More than 100 participants registered for the fifth edition of Hero MTB Shimla this year, a race that takes them across 120kms of gruelling trails in two stages. There are riders from across the world competing in the event, which gets bigger each year.
Among them, are upcoming Indians looking to shine on the world stage. Here are the top four:
Akshit Gaur, 16
This student from Shimla started cycling in earnest only two and a half years ago, but has excellent technical skills.
Sandeep Madaan, 23
He got caught in the whirlwind of cycling at MTB Himalaya 2012 where he was a volunteer, and now immerses himself through and through at his job with sporting company Decathlon.
Shiven, 18
Shiven loves sprinting and has been riding his bike on errands for as long as he can remember. The teenager from Lahaul has participated in a number of events in India.
Akshay Chaudhary, 19
City life in Delhi has done nothing to cramp his style as a rider. Starting with freestyle, he has now developed a deep love for downhills.
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Tour of Goa debuts

© Cycling Goa

The first Tour of Goa was held from March 04-06 in the Western Ghat region of Goa, filled with excellent views and challenging trails.It was divided into the Wilderness section, the Spice Plantation and the Beach trail, spanning 114kms, 78kms and 55kms respectively. Organised by Cycling Goa, the Tour of Goa aims to boost biking in the beach state.

© Cycling Goa
The categories included Open Men’s, Open Women’s and Open Masters.

By Dielle DSouza for BigRush

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Why Kashmir is Heaven for Skiers


By Paro Ray for BigRush

Skiing in Gulmarg, Kashmir recently combined the thrill of alpine sports, towering mountains and a unique cultural experience. The sport itself is a wonderful stress buster as you fly over the cold powder as if in the clouds.

My childhood centred around India’s plains and skiing was alien back then. I had my first tryst with it during university in the US. After a painful evening, I vowed to never return to the slopes, but found myself back at it bright and early the following morning. I have never looked back since. My husband, an avid skier from childhood, was equally awed by the big mountain experience in Kashmir.

In Gulmarg, the opportunities in the backcountry are ample for all levels of skiers, with a safety net provided by Ski Patrol and delicious interruptions in the form of Kashmiri tea and biryani.

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