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Five years of SFI


Since its inception in 2011, the Surfing Federation of India (SFI) has worked at the community level to promote the sport around the country. Formed by a group of surfers in Karnataka, it is led and run by people from within the surf community and is invested in the sport’s future.

Led by president Kishore Kumar and vice president Rammohan Paranjape, the SFI has held small events in places like Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry, before its first big event in 2013 – the Spice Coast Open.

This year, it hosted the first Indian Open of Surfing in Karnataka. The organisation has also organised workshops and classes to award international certificates for instruction, and looks forward to making India a qualification spot for World Surf League competitions.

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2016 MRF: All you need to know


After a highly successful event last year, the Malabar River Festival – or MRF – returns again this year on July 28-31 with a promise to be ‘bigger, better and harder’.

MRF claims to be Asia’s kayaking festival and will be held on the Chailipuzha river near the Pulikayyam bridge and the Malabar Express rapid on the Iruvanhipuzha river. This year will see 150 participants in the fest and will feature competitions for beginners, intermediates and a special category for the best paddlers in the Indian Sub-conitnent.

To register, fill in the online form or register at the venue. Contact Siddharth Seshan on 9108284628 if you run into trouble with signing up.

The nearest village to the venue is Kodenchery. The closest airport and railway station are situated in Kozhikode, from where the village cane be reached in an hour and 20 minutes by cab. If you are travelling from Bangalore, a road trip is the best option.

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India at Transalp 2016


For the first time, Indians will be participating in the legendary MTB event Bike Transalp this year.

Shiven, Devender Thakur and Ashish Sood from India will be covering 520 kilometres across Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Shiven and Thakur will pair up to form a team while Sood will pair up with Hinrich Fuchs from Germany.

The tour this year will feature complex trails, steep gradients and an altitude of 17,750 metres, and will have 1,200 participants from 40 countries.

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On the road to Pindari Glacier

By Michael McLean for BigRush


Riding into Zero point at Pindari Glacier is like nothing else we have ridden on earth, with 7000m Himalayan peaks on all sides and a trail that feels that it has been sent from heaven. It’s remote location and lung-busting climbs make this a destination only for those with a real love for the mountains but the rewards just keep coming. It’s tech and its tough, but it has to be our favourite trail.

Pindari Glacier is located in the Himalayas near Kumaon, Uttarakhand. The cycling tour features a fast single track with incredible climbs and descents, technical sections, drop offs and rock gardens. All of this is made jaw-dropping with exquisite views of the mighty Himalayas.

The Pindari trail comes recommended by multiple world champion Tracy Moseley and MTB photographer Dan Milner.

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The mountain bike shop

By Naveen Barongpa for BigRush


We launched the Himalayan Bike Bar in Manali two years ago and have seen success so far. The idea was born a long time ago, but was able to come to fruition only in 2014 with the evolution of adventure tourism and an increasing number of bikers riding the Manali-Leh trails.

I have always been passionate about biking and rode almost every day. Even an hour on my favourite wheels would help me feel better. I was happy to play a role in changing the mindset of people from looking at biking as a children’s activity to something everyone can do.

The Himalayan Bike Bar has some killer bikes, including Firefox, Trek and Scott, and has always been there to motivate aspiring riders and guide them in enhancing their skills.

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