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Being Icarus


Wingsuit flying has to be one of the most extreme sports out there. It’s picking up around the world, but despite India being home to the earth’s mightiest mountains – the perfect spots for wingsuit flying, not much activity is evident at the moment.

India’s best known wingsuit pilot Col Satyendra Verma knows how tough it is to be one. He explains, “The sport of skydiving, which is the basis of wingsuit flying, is yet to catch up in the country due to the issue of regulations, lack of in-house instructors, etc. Wingsuit BASE, which does not require any of these, has great potential due to the presence of the Himalayas, but then most pilots require military clearances to even explore, hence the slow movement.”

To be a wingsuit pilot, international standards require them to have had at least 200 free fall skydives in the 18 months prior to their first flight as well as one-on-one training with an experienced pilot. So to make this sport popular, sky diving needs to take off first. According to him all we require right now is a professional training centre for skydiving and we will be “ready to enter laterally on the standards.”

Still, he is positive about the future of the sport in India. “The feeder system of skydiving should be ready in the next couple of years, and by that time, wingsuit technology would also have improved. We will be ready to enter laterally on the standards,” he says.

While he admits that wingsuit flying requires painstaking reconnaisance, permissions and planning, if he had to pick the top place to engage in this extreme sport in the India, he points to the Himalayas with all certainty.

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Surf’s Up


One of India’s most popular surfing and music festival is returning to Kovalam in Tamil Nadu for its fourth edition with a focus on empowering the local community that hosts it.

The annual Covelong Point Surf & Music Festival began in 2013, started by TT Group’s Arun Vasu, EarthSync’s Yotam Agam and popular local surfer Murthy Megavan. Its main focus is on surfing but it also hosts a colourful and vibrant flea market and other activities like kayak and catamaran races, beach volleyball tournaments, surf lessons, yoga and meditation workshops and artists from around India and the world – playing across three stages this year.

In the past, the surfing festival in south India has seen participants from various countries competing against one another in different categories. This year, the organisers plan on leaving a positive impact on the community by giving them business opportunities and encouraging tourism.

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The online bike shop


Back when Rahul Mulani start out selling bikes in a brick and mortar establishment, he’d sell them to “everyday blokes to run the shop and keep it above water” so they could be a BMX store as well.

But a time soon came when he decided that enough was enough and decided to focus only on BMX. So he took it online and things flew from there. Gear The Bike Shop lists Odyssey BMX, Sunday Bikes, Salt Plus, Deco, S&M FIT, United Bike Co, G S Sport and Kink BMX as part of its menu of wheels and parts.

The online store caters to biking enthusiasts all over India and the setup works pretty well, “as BMX-ers know what they want and just order it. They don’t really need to come in a touch-see-feel the parts,” says Mulani.

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MRF 2016: What a wild one!

MRF 2016_Parabjeet Singh_BR

The fourth edition of the Malabar River Festival ended this weekend with tired bodies and lots of smiles. The festival saw more than 50 participants from various countries.

Organised by Madras Fun Tools, Kerala Kayak Academy and BigRush, the kayaking festival saw exciting runs on the river, some clean lines and great fun. As always, the festival was held on the Iruvanzhi and Chalipuzha rivers in Kodencherry, Kozhikode in Kerala.

In the women’s category, Beth Morgan took home the title of Rapid Rani and Joe Dickens was named Rapid Rajah in men’s. The competition was divided into four categories – Downriver, Boater Cross, Slalom and Intermediate.

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Review: India at Transalp 2016


Three of India’s top MTB bikers realised a dream when they completed the 519-kilometre BIKE Transalp 2016 race across Austria, Switzerland and Italy earlier this week.

Pedalling across the mighty Alps alongside 400 men and women’s two-person teams from 40 countries, the race proved a “demanding” but inspiring challenge for the team from India. Shiven and Devender Thakur paired to form one team, while Ashish Sood rode with Hinrich Fuchs, a German currently based in India.

As much as 17,736 metres of climbing tested their stamina, grit and determination in the seven-day stage race powered by Sigma. Shiven and Thakur were awarded the Red Jersey for the most combative team after they worked to come back following technical difficulties on the first day.

The four riders fetched an overall ranking of 111. Sood, who wants to do the race again, said, “It’s an addiction and you just #cantcopythealps!”

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