Mettle on pedals

By | November 24, 2016


The Asia Mountain Bike (MTB) Series in Sabah, Malaysia has been on my mind since the start of the season. It took place over three rounds, but I missed the first two due to injuries. Still, after a thorough coaching camp with Scott and designing a training plan, I felt ready for the first few weeks before the event. Things got tougher when I had a crash two weeks before the event which left me pretty sore.

I reached Malaysia for the event after three long flights and visited the track for practice. This one was new and different as it was packed with man-made features and a couple of uphills with tight turns. It constantly kept your body guessing.

On race day, there was a possibility of the final run being cancelled over safety in case of rain, so we had to give it our best shot in the seeding run itself. Before my seeding run, I found a quiet spot for myself, visualised my run repeatedly and felt totally fired up for it. I was stoked to finish 14th!

They decided to hold the final run as the skies had cleared. But it did rain a little, and I added to the handicap with a mistake by clipping out on the uphills. I lost a few seconds which I’m not so stoked about, but it’s been a better result for me compared to all the elite level international races I’ve done.

I’m really inspired that I can hold my own with these guys who are racing on international circuits every year. I am now gearing up for the Asia MTB Series next year.

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