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With stunning mountain ranges and sweeping plains knocking elbows with each other, cycling in India is soon catching on as a popular sport. Mountain biking has been popular for years, with MTB Himachal in north India, and the Tour of Nilgiris the two major events in south Asia. Events under the aegis of Audax Club Parisien are held frequently across India.

The online bike shop

Back when Rahul Mulani start out selling bikes in a brick and mortar establishment, he’d sell them to “everyday blokes to run the shop and keep it above water” so they could be a BMX store as well. But a time soon came when he decided that enough was enough and decided to focus only… Read More »

Review: India at Transalp 2016

Three of India’s top MTB bikers realised a dream when they completed the 519-kilometre BIKE Transalp 2016 race across Austria, Switzerland and Italy earlier this week. Pedalling across the mighty Alps alongside 400 men and women’s two-person teams from 40 countries, the race proved a “demanding” but inspiring challenge for the team from India. Shiven… Read More »

India at Transalp 2016

For the first time, Indians will be participating in the legendary MTB event Bike Transalp this year. Shiven, Devender Thakur and Ashish Sood from India will be covering 520 kilometres across Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Shiven and Thakur will pair up to form a team while Sood will pair up with Hinrich Fuchs from Germany.… Read More »