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Bigrush Skateboarding

Like surfing, skateboarding has become a platform to engage with the local community and help women break stereotypes without much investment. Pro skaters now visit India, and while Nepal and Bangladesh lag behind a little, Sri Lanka makes up with hopes for skate parks. With more than a dozen skateparks across the country, community driven events and competitions are increasingly common in India.

Getting girls on board

By Atita Verghese for BigRush It all started in 2014 with the Kovalam Skate Club build, a collaboration between Holystoked and Baumi from 2er in Kerala. The skate park was located in the SISP NGO which uses skateboarding and surfing to encourage children to attend regular classes.Two female skateboarders from Europe joined the build, and… Read More »

India’s Skateboarding Story

By Dielle DSouza for BigRush It’s 2006 and India is still new to skateboarding. A board with four wheels is a strange ride; tricks on it stranger even. It isn’t until four years later that it creeps onto the surface and then slowly takes over pockets of the country.“I think the skate scene is about… Read More »

Wonder Girl on Wheels

By Dielle DSouza for BigRush From her first tryst with the skateboard at six years, 22-year-old Atita Verghese has loved being out and about. There wasn’t much other than “pushing around and bombing down hills” on her Jonex until she came to Goa in 2012 to learn surfing. Then when the waves ebbed on her… Read More »