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As one of the cheapest (comparatively) non-motored sports activities, surfing has caught on well in the Indian sub-continent. Stronger currents on the eastern coasts offer bigger swells for the experienced, while the western coast is great for those breaking in. In the area’s slightly conservative society, surfing has become an interesting way to help the community and for young girls and women to break through traditional stereotypes. Weligama and Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka see lots of action through their different surf seasons.

Surf-acing now!

By Jacob Cherian for BigRush                         India’s never been known for surfing even though the country enjoys nearly 7000 kilometers of coast line. India is ranked 19th in the world for the length of its coastline and yet most of it is still relatively untouched… Read More »

Women on the waves

It’s hard enough being a woman in a patriarchal society, harder still to be a woman in sport. Ever since India was introduced to surfing, women have had to brave tough conditions – more from society than nature – to get ahead. Even though Suhasini Damian, 20, from Pondicherry had support from her immediate neighbourhood,… Read More »

Surf’s Up

One of India’s most popular surfing and music festival is returning to Kovalam in Tamil Nadu for its fourth edition with a focus on empowering the local community that hosts it. The annual Covelong Point Surf & Music Festival began in 2013, started by TT Group’s Arun Vasu, EarthSync’s Yotam Agam and popular local surfer… Read More »

Five years of SFI

Since its inception in 2011, the Surfing Federation of India (SFI) has worked at the community level to promote the sport around the country. Formed by a group of surfers in Karnataka, it is led and run by people from within the surf community and is invested in the sport’s future. Led by president Kishore… Read More »

Sri Lanka Girls Make Waves

By Dielle DSouza and Swaati Langeh for BigRush It was a twist in the fabric, a change in the norm. In support of gender equality on Sri Lanka’s waves, Tiffany Carothers convinced an entire village of young girls to hit the beach at Arugam Bay. The American, who works with Surfing The Nations, has been… Read More »

Mantra Surf Club aka (Surfing India)’s

Meet Aneesha Nayak. She’s another one of Mantra Surf Club’s talented team members and been doing very well in recent Indian surf competitions. She has a spunky little personality and rides a shortboard pretty well. She spent this last week here with us at the Ashram Surf Retreat and it was great sharing some waves… Read More »

Surfing included in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

It’s official: the sport of surfing has been proposed to take part in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, in Japan. There will be two events for 20 male surfers and 20 female surfers. The historic decision was announced by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee this 28th September 2015. Surfing – alongside skateboarding, karate, sports climbing, and baseball/softball… Read More »