Surf’s Up

By | August 25, 2016


One of India’s most popular surfing and music festival is returning to Kovalam in Tamil Nadu for its fourth edition with a focus on empowering the local community that hosts it.

The annual Covelong Point Surf & Music Festival began in 2013, started by TT Group’s Arun Vasu, EarthSync’s Yotam Agam and popular local surfer Murthy Megavan. Its main focus is on surfing but it also hosts a colourful and vibrant flea market and other activities like kayak and catamaran races, beach volleyball tournaments, surf lessons, yoga and meditation workshops and artists from around India and the world – playing across three stages this year.

In the past, the surfing festival in south India has seen participants from various countries competing against one another in different categories. This year, the organisers plan on leaving a positive impact on the community by giving them business opportunities and encouraging tourism.

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