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By | August 16, 2016


Back when Rahul Mulani start out selling bikes in a brick and mortar establishment, he’d sell them to “everyday blokes to run the shop and keep it above water” so they could be a BMX store as well.

But a time soon came when he decided that enough was enough and decided to focus only on BMX. So he took it online and things flew from there. Gear The Bike Shop lists Odyssey BMX, Sunday Bikes, Salt Plus, Deco, S&M FIT, United Bike Co, G S Sport and Kink BMX as part of its menu of wheels and parts.

The online store caters to biking enthusiasts all over India and the setup works pretty well, “as BMX-ers know what they want and just order it. They don’t really need to come in a touch-see-feel the parts,” says Mulani.

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