Review: India at Transalp 2016

By | August 2, 2016


Three of India’s top MTB bikers realised a dream when they completed the 519-kilometre BIKE Transalp 2016 race across Austria, Switzerland and Italy earlier this week.

Pedalling across the mighty Alps alongside 400 men and women’s two-person teams from 40 countries, the race proved a “demanding” but inspiring challenge for the team from India. Shiven and Devender Thakur paired to form one team, while Ashish Sood rode with Hinrich Fuchs, a German currently based in India.

As much as 17,736 metres of climbing tested their stamina, grit and determination in the seven-day stage race powered by Sigma. Shiven and Thakur were awarded the Red Jersey for the most combative team after they worked to come back following technical difficulties on the first day.

The four riders fetched an overall ranking of 111. Sood, who wants to do the race again, said, “It’s an addiction and you just #cantcopythealps!”

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