Why Kashmir is Heaven for Skiers

By | April 5, 2016


By Paro Ray for BigRush

Skiing in Gulmarg, Kashmir recently combined the thrill of alpine sports, towering mountains and a unique cultural experience. The sport itself is a wonderful stress buster as you fly over the cold powder as if in the clouds.

My childhood centred around India’s plains and skiing was alien back then. I had my first tryst with it during university in the US. After a painful evening, I vowed to never return to the slopes, but found myself back at it bright and early the following morning. I have never looked back since. My husband, an avid skier from childhood, was equally awed by the big mountain experience in Kashmir.

In Gulmarg, the opportunities in the backcountry are ample for all levels of skiers, with a safety net provided by Ski Patrol and delicious interruptions in the form of Kashmiri tea and biryani.

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